Our Team

Photograph of Adrienne Simmons (she/her)

Adrienne Simmons (she/her)

Director of Programs

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Photograph of Apoorva Mallya (he/him)

Apoorva Mallya (he/him)

HEP Executive Director

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Photograph of Daniel Raymond (he/him)

Daniel Raymond (he/him)

Director of Policy

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Photograph of Jenni Todd (she/they)

Jenni Todd (she/they)

Communications and Marketing Manager

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Photograph of Kass Botts (they/any)

Kass Botts (they/any)

Coalition and Capacity Building Manager

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Photograph of Robin Lord Smith (she/her)

Robin Lord Smith (she/her)

Community Engagement Advisor

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Our Mission

We envision an equitable world free of viral hepatitis. Our mission is to eliminate viral hepatitis in the United States and improve the lives of those affected through advocacy, education, and support to national, state and local partners.

Our Values

  • Collaboration

    We develop purposeful relationships that strengthen our ability to meaningfully advocate for the communities we serve. We value the expertise and leadership of people with lived experience.

  • Intersectionality

    We recognize the relationships between our work and various social structures. We commit to addressing overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination and disadvantage.

  • Inclusion

    We are stronger together. We respect people, value diversity, and are committed to fighting for racial and social justice.

  • Equity

    We believe everyone deserves access to stigma-free health care and no one should be disadvantaged from living a long, healthy life. We strive to dismantle racialized systems that perpetuate health inequities.

Our Strategy

Alongside HEP and NHCN, NVHR aims to support a comprehensive and integrated response to viral hepatitis by centering the voices of people with lived experience, fighting for equitable access to viral hepatitis prevention and care, and advocating for fully-funded state and federal elimination plans. Our work is guided by the building blocks of elimination.

Our Advisory Committee

The NVHR Advisory Committee is comprised of 8 individuals with personal or professional experience with viral hepatitis who have demonstrated commitment to health equity, harm reduction, and inclusion. The advisement of these experts will inform the strategic direction of NVHR.

Photograph of Amy Killelea (they/them)

Amy Killelea (they/them)

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Photograph of Chioma Nnaji (she/her)

Chioma Nnaji (she/her)

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Photograph of Courtney Downs (she/her)

Courtney Downs (she/her)

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Photograph of David Urick (he/him)

David Urick (he/him)

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Photograph of Jorge Mera (he/him)

Jorge Mera (he/him)

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Photograph of Ponni Perumalswami (she/her)

Ponni Perumalswami (she/her)

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Photograph of Rachel Melson (she/her)

Rachel Melson (she/her)

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Photograph of Thaddeus Pham (he/him)

Thaddeus Pham (he/him)

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Roundtable Organizations

We rely on the support of both individuals and organizations to advance our critical work to end the viral hepatitis epidemic.