Dr. Ponni Perumalswami, MD, MsCR, is a distinguished hepatologist and dedicated health services researcher with over 15 years of experience devoted to enhancing access to hepatitis C virus (HCV) care and treatment. Her extensive clinical practice and research endeavors have centered around crafting innovative solutions to enhance access to HCV care across various levels – from individual providers to entire health systems and communities. Dr. Perumalswami has spearheaded and actively participated in numerous pioneering HCV test and treat models of care, which prioritize engagement with stakeholders, notably patients, and are tailored to augment local provider capacity.

In addition to her impactful clinical and research contributions, Dr. Perumalswami holds esteemed positions within professional organizations. She has served as a longstanding member of the AASLD HCV Special Interest Group (SIG) and currently holds the role of Vice Chair. Furthermore, she plays a vital role as a member of the AASLD/IDSA HCV guidance panel, contributing her expertise to shaping best practices in the field.

Dr. Perumalswami’s dedication to advancing HCV elimination efforts extends beyond clinical settings. She played an instrumental role as a member of Michigan’s HCV Elimination Steering Committee, contributing to the development of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services HCV Elimination plan in April 2021. Additionally, she actively contributes to Michigan’s HCV Clinical Collaborative and the Michigan Opioid Collaborative, while also co-leading community engagement initiatives for the University of Michigan Opioid Research Institute.

Through her extensive involvement with HCV community partners, Dr. Perumalswami has deepened her commitment to advocacy, recognizing it as a vital aspect of specialists’ roles in driving forward HCV elimination efforts. Her multifaceted contributions underscore her unwavering dedication to improving healthcare access and outcomes for individuals affected by HCV.