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There are many ways to personally support the fight against viral hepatitis. Choose your time commitment and state below, and we’ll provide ideas of actions you can undertake.

I am #HepAware: Tell Us How Living With Hepatitis Has Changed Your Life

NVHR is looking for testimonials and stories from advocates in the hepatitis community about moments when you had a positive interaction with someone who is #hepaware. We want to hear about care takers or providers who helped you get tested or treated without stigma or judgement. Share your story today!

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Ask Your Members of Congress to Join the Hepatitis Caucus

The Congressional Hepatitis Caucus serves as a resource for members of Congress and their staff on issues and research related to the prevention and treatment of viral hepatitis.

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Federal Funding for Viral Hepatitis Programs

The CDC Division of Viral Hepatitis is severely underfunded and needs at least $134 million to strengthen the viral hepatitis infrastructure. Take action today.

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#Voices4Hep Network

#Voices4Hep is a network of 200+ patient, provider, and community advocates who are interested in taking action in their communities to eliminate viral hepatitis. Join us to connect with fellow advocates, gain support for local initiatives, and access resources to help you have a bigger impact.

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0 advocacy resources available in the #Voices4Hep network

In addition to local advocates, most states have viral hepatitis coordinators who provide technical expertise for CDC funded programs that focus on viral hepatitis prevention.

Find your state’s health department contact here:
Viral Hepatitis Prevention Point of Contact List
Perinatal Hepatitis B Coordinator List

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