Welcome to the NVHR Hepatitis C Resources Page

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NVHR's program aims to increase the number of people born 1945-1965 (baby boomers) and other communities at risk tested for hepatitis C. This page has information for providers, patients, and organizations and highlights the work of our community partners.

In 2013, NVHR was awarded a three-year cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to increase the number of people born from 1945-1965 (baby boomers) tested for hepatitis C. Under this project, NVHR provides technical assistance to community based organizations and provider groups nationally to increase awareness among baby boomers and their care providers of the CDC and United States Preventive Services Task Force’s (USPSTF) recommendations that all baby boomers receive a onetime HCV test and to ensure that resources are in place for testing and linkage to care.

In conjunction with the CDC project, NVHR has a grant funded project through the Gilead Foundation. This project funds a partnership with Dr. Stacey Trooskin, Division of Infectious Diseases at Drexel University College of Medicine to leverage best practice experiences from an existing  baby boomer HCV testing initiative that incorporates electronic medical record prompts for primary care providers to test their patients in this birth cohort for hepatitis C. 

Please contact Lauren Canary, Program Director, at Lauren@nvhr.org for more information.