Provider Resources

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This is a list of resources for training primary providers and other healthcare workers about the importance of HCV screening and linkage to care.



Orientation to Baby Boomer HCV Screening

This section contains resources on how to implement routine screening and linkage to care for the birth cohort (baby boomers).

Testing and Lab Order Details

This section contains best practices for HCV testing and lab order protocols, including commercial lab information on reflex testing.

For Primary Care Providers

This section contains materials for educating primary care providers on HCV and the need for routine screening.

Rhode Island Defeats Hep C (RID Hep C) Toolkit for Patients and Providers

This section includes HCV educational handouts, a recommended HCV reading list and a patient medication adherence calendar template from Rhode Island Defeats Hep C’s toolkit.

Care Navigation

This section has resources for navigating prior authorization, appeal insurance denials, and best practices for treatment assessment and monitoring.

Hepatitis C Treatment Resources

This section includes educational resources for best practices in HCV treatment.