Hepatitis D Quick Reference Tools

Hepatitis Delta Questions & Answers for Health Professionals, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Clinical information on hepatitis delta including statistics, transmission and exposure, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and prevention.

Hepatitis Delta Connect, Hepatitis B Foundation
A dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation to increase awareness about hepatitis delta, to promote screening and testing, and provide information and support to individuals that are affected.

Don’t Delay with Delta: Best Practices and Calls to Action in HDV, Clinical Care Options
Presentation, podcasts, and recommendations from international experts on the global burden of HDV, risk factors and screening recommendations, new treatment options and current management recommendations, and the evolving therapeutic landscape.

Hepatitis Delta Fact Sheet, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
Fact sheet contains information about HDV prevalence, transmission, testing, prevention, and treatment.

hepDELTA.com, Gilead Sciences
A website for healthcare professionals that contains information on the burden of hepatitis D, prevalence, testing & diagnosis and management.