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About Us

An end to the viral hepatitis epidemic is


NVHR aims to support a comprehensive and integrated response to viral hepatitis by centering the voices of people with lived experience, fighting for equitable access to viral hepatitis prevention and care, and advocating for fully-funded state and federal elimination plans.

Our Work

Our work is guided by the building blocks of elimination:

  • Prevent.

    NVHR advocates for comprehensive viral hepatitis prevention efforts.

  • Test.

    NVHR supports universal screening of all adults and individuals at risk for viral hepatitis infection.

  • Cure.

    NVHR strives for all people living with viral hepatitis to be cured.

WEBINAR: Demystifying Drug Development: From Molecule to Medicine

NVHR and Treatment Action Group (TAG) discuss what it will take to make rapid HCV diagnostics a reality in the United States. Dr. Anne Gaynor from the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) walks us through the FDA announcement to reclassify HCV diagnostics.