NVHR Patient Summit

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The NVHR Hepatitis C Patient Summit will address the need for greater patient engagement and leadership to ensure the delivery of high quality of care for patients diagnosed with hepatitis C (HCV). The Summit, NVHR’s first national patient gathering, will address the need for greater patient engagement and patient leadership in the HCV field. It will provide an opportunity for patients recently cured of, or currently living with HCV, with an emphasis on providing this opportunity for those who have not had experience engaging in other advocacy programs, to come together to develop shared goals. 

The Summit will provide a mechanism for community-building among people directly impacted by HCV. Participation in the planning, the Summit, and the action steps will build the leadership of members of the planning committee and attendees. Our recruitment efforts will emphasize ongoing commitment and participation by Summit attendees. 

The NVHR Patient Summit will emphasize recruitment of individuals from disproportionately impacted and marginalized communities to ensure the demographics of attendees reflect the demographics of the HCV epidemic. The Summit will provide an opportunity for 100 patients to engage in dialogue and develop strategies towards building awareness and advocacy.