Community Partner Activities and Resources

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NVHR Program Survey Summary

NVHR's Hepatitis C Program focuses on increasing testing and linkage to care for hepatitis C among individuals born 1945 - 1965 (Baby Boomers) and others at risk for hepatitis C. Last October, NVHR
released a Hepatitis C Program Survey, asking partners to

The survey received in-depth responses from 21 individuals representing organizations in fourteen states, including public health departments, community-based organizations, and advocacy coalitions addressing viral hepatitis, harm reduction, and addiction/recovery services. Respondents described successful approaches regarding hepatitis C screening for Baby Boomers, identified obstacles facing these approaches, highlighted areas for expansion, and recommended future materials to strengthen their resources. NVHR connected respondents to existing resources and created new materials in response to their requests.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! The full program summary is available here.


Hepatitis C Working Group Call

NVHR also convenes a Hepatitis C Working Group to build community among groups and medical providers conducting hepatitis C screening and linkage to care and to share strategies, advice, and information.

Here are the notes from our 2016-17 Working Group Calls:

  • Notes from April 14th, 2017 here.
  • Notes from January 13th, 2017 here.
  • Notes from June 23rd, 2016 here.
  • Notes from September 13th, 2016 here.

Community Coalitions

California Hepatitis Alliance (CalHEP)
CalHEP is a coalition of over 100 hepatitis B and C viral hepatitis experts and advocates in California. It seeks to reduce the scope and consequences of the hepatitis B and C epidemics, which disproportionately affect California’s ethnic communities and the socioeconomically underserved.

Hep C Allies of Philadelphia (HepCAP)
HepCAP is a city-wide collective dedicated to improving the continuum of hepatitis C prevention, diagnosis, care, and support services in Philadelphia. By teaming up with specialists and community members, HepCAP aims to increase awareness of hepatitis C, while improving local hepatitis C prevention, testing, and treatment services.

Hep Free Hawai’i
Hep Free Hawai’i are a coalition of local, national, and global partners dedicated to increasing viral hepatitis awareness and access to care throughout Hawaii. They connect communities and islands to make Hawaii truly “Hep Free.”

Hep Free NYC
Hep Free NYC is a network comprised of the NYC Hep B Coalition and NYC Hep C Task Force. The network brings together community based organizations, service providers, healthcare institutions, and others interested in viral hepatitis. It is coordinated by staff at the New York Health Department.

Hepatitis C Community Alliance to Test and Treat (HepCCATT)
HepCCATT is a public health collaboration working to significantly reduce the number of people with undiagnosed and untreated hepatitis C infections among Chicago’s most highly affected communities. By leveraging the strengths and diversity of our partners, HepCCATT works to significantly reduce the number of undiagnosed and untreated hepatitis C infections in Chicago—and to establish a model for public health collaborations to expand and improve hepatitis C testing and care nationwide.

Maryland Hep C Coalition
A non-profit, volunteer group of people concerned about viral hepatitis. They conduct awareness events and state-level treatment access advocacy.

Massachusetts Viral Hepatitis Coalition
The Massachusetts Viral Hepatitis Coalition is convened by the AIDS Action Committee. It is a collaboration of organizations, providers, and consumers working to increase awareness of viral hepatitis and build support for programs addressing the needs of those living with or at risk for viral hepatitis. They continue to meet and remain active in state-level advocacy.

Rhode Island Defeats Hep C (RID HepC) (not currently active)
RID HepC is a comprehensive program to Seek, Treat, Cure and Eliminate HCV in RI; reduce illness, suffering and death due to HCV in RI; save money for RI and Rhode Islanders by enhancing proactive HCV care; and bring resources into Rhode Island to help combat the HCV epidemic. RID HepC is designed with several components: Awareness, Testing to Cure, Building Infrastructure for a Sustainable Model, and Evaluation.

  • RID HepC created a hepatitis C toolkit for patients and providers. To view the toolkit, click here.

San Francisco Hep C Task Force
As an area hard hit by the hepatitis C epidemic, this coalition of public health organizations, educators, and civic groups to create a local response to the epidemic. The Task Force meets monthly and meetings are open to the general public.

  • To celebrate World Hepatitis Day, San Francisco Hep C Task Force is hosting an event on Thursday, July 28, 2016 called Think About the Link: Shining a Light on the Link Between VIral Hepatitis and Cancer. For more information about the event, click here.

Coalition-Building Resources

The first three documents were created by the Prevention Institute, an organization dedicated to finding comprehensive, integrated approaches to solving complex health and social issues through prevention efforts that address multiple problems concurrently.