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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) prompts using Epic Systems:

Epic Systems has pre-loaded content to support hepatitis C testing in the 1945 through 1965 birth cohort into the foundation system. Individual system users (such as your hospital) need to turn the functioning on as is, or with modifications. This program uses the Health Maintenance reminders (modifiers) and Population Management tools to identify patients in the 1945-1965 birth cohort who have no previous record of having a hepatitis C test or diagnosis and lists them for the intervention you chose (such as standing orders for anti-HCV antibody test, patient reminders sent out to MyCharts, and development of reporting workbenches). Epic Earth has information about HCV testing support The Epic "Community Library" has examples of hepatitis C decision support programs form other Epic users.

Epic has created a podcast for providers about hepatitis C decision support. In this podcast, Bret Shillingstad is joined by Sasha TerMaat to discuss CDC's guidelines for screening Hepatitis C.  They discuss what features in Epic can be utilized to help get the correct demographic tested, and how some of our Epic Community Members have already turned on some of these features. It’s available to Epic users on the Userweb here: https://userweb.epic.com/Thread/32100

The project team who supports your Epic system can assist your Epic/IT programmers with any issues around HCV testing support.

Possible approaches to implement Baby Boomer screening prompts:

  • Alert patients through their PHR, e.g. MyChart
  • Allow front desk staff to schedule the tests
  • Nursing Clinical Alerts (POC) or Nursing Worklist of patients meeting the criteria (outside POC)
  • Physician active alerts, POC alerts such as BPAs
  • Health Maintenance Reminders – viewable by nurse, physician, and patient
  • Population Management – generate a report of patients meeting the criteria and adding a standing future order go all patients in the list (bulk orders) or add a Health Maintenance Reminder to all of the patients
  • Test the alerts before they are viewable to the end users
  • Overdue results folders



For a powerpoint presentation with additional screenshots and instructions created by Epic staff, please email Lauren Canary at Lauren@nvhr.org.

To see sample screenshots of Epic prompts implemented by one of our partners in Rhode Island, please email Lauren Canary at Lauren@nvhr.org