NVHR 2016 Mini-Grants

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NVHR awarded three $10,000 NVHR Hepatitis C Project Booster Mini Grants in 2016. Our three recipients completed one-year projects from April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017. Our grantees worked with us and each other to share lessons learned during the course of the grant period, and presented their findings in a webinar upon completion of their projects. You can view the slides and recording from the webinar here.

Our Three Grantees

AIDS Resource Group
Evansville, Indiana
The AIDS Resource Group will initiate a project to create a health campaign to increase awareness of access to testing services for baby boomers and other persons at risk for hepatitis C in Vanderburgh County. They will improve linkage to care and supportive services for people who are hepatitis C positive through creating a support group and educating community partners about hepatitis C. They will also develop an advocacy strategy and conduct coalition building to support a change in policy authorizing Vanderburgh County, IN to initiate syringe exchange access.

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El Punto en la Montaña
San Juan, Puerto Rico
El Punto will create a National Hepatitis C Task Force of community stakeholders and people living with or affected by hepatitis C to design a hepatitis C testing and treatment advocacy campaign. They will also initiate a media campaign to increase national awareness of the hepatitis C epidemic among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Puerto Rico, and the need for more hepatitis C testing, and treatment availability.

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University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
The University of Utah will initiate a project at their Sugarhouse and Madsen clinics to improve hepatitis C screening and treatment by implementing electronic health record alerts to providers indicating patients in the birth cohort (born 1945-1965) in need of hepatitis C screening, create a registry of patients at high risk, create a registry of newly identified hepatitis C-positive patients and enroll those patients in Project ECHO for management of hepatitis C, engage primary care providers in telemedicine, and educate and train medical residents in HCV management, from diagnosis to cure.

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Mini-Grants Media and Project Activities

Hepatitis C and Baby Boomers Presentation 
AIDS Resource Group developed this presentation on hepatitis C and Baby Boomers for a community senior center. The PowerPoint covers how and why to screen Baby Boomers for hepatitis C, educational information about hepatitis C, and treatment options.

Notiuno Interview: High Incidence of Hepatitis C in Puerto Rico  June 2016
In this short interview on Notiuno, Gladys Nieves Vázquez, the Coordinator of the National Coalition of Hepatitis C, discusses the impact of the increasingly high incidence of hepatitis C in Puerto Rico. She warns that if diagnostic tests to detect the virus are not performed, the number of hepatitis C cases could increase.

Silent epidemic caused by hepatitis C  Monday, May 23, 2016
This article was published in El Nuevo Día, the most-read newspaper in Puerto Rico. It discusses the founding of El Punto en la Montaña and the formation of an HCV Coalition, which advocates for hepatitis C education and the need to expand diagnostic tests. The Coalition also calls upon the Department of Health to work for expanded treatment access.

Press Conference: High Prevalence of Hepatitis C in Puerto Rico  May 2016
In this press conference held by WAPA, Gladys Nieves Vázquez, the Coordinator of the National Coalition of Hepatitis C, and other coalition members discussed high prevalence of hepatitis C in Puerto Rico, explaining that many cannot get treatment because they are unaware they have the disease.

Evansville group gets grant to raise Hep C’s profile  April 26, 2016
The Evansville Courier & Press wrote this article highlighting the AIDS Resource Group and its efforts to expand hepatitis C screening, linkage to care, and education in their area.

AIDS Resource Group Executive Director Sarah Miller said, “It is very exciting to receive this grant to be able to start doing this work … This will really be able to help us supplement the educational and the awareness components — to get the word out of how important it is for people to get tested for hepatitis C, especially (those in) the Baby Boomer generation."


Mini-Grants End-of-Project Webinar

April 21, 2017
In this webinar, National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable’s 2016 grantees presented the findings from their one-year projects. The mini-grantees were AIDS Resource Group of EvansvilleEl Punto en la Montaña, and the University of Utah.

The History of NVHR Hepatitis C Project Booster Mini Grants

On January 12, 2016, NVHR released a request for proposals for one-year mini grant. These mini-grants would be awarded to NVHR member organizations working on hepatitis C education, screening and linkage to care activities. Three awards were give in the amount of $10,000 each for projects that started in April 2016.


The main purpose of the 2016 request for proposal (RFP) was to enhance the capacity of NVHR members and partners to conduct hepatitis C education, testing and linkage to care in their local communities. The emphasis of this RFP is on Baby Boomers (those born 1945–1965) and other people at risk for hepatitis C.


Applicants would request support for an activity that would leverage or build upon an existing program or project aimed at increasing hepatitis C testing and/or linkage to care. These grants were intended to identify and bolster best practices in hepatitis C testing/linkage to care and to build community and coalition among organizations and individuals engaged in such efforts. Grantees will be expected to evaluate their projects, submit final reports to NVHR, and present their findings in a webinar.

Applicants must be current NVHR members or a coalition with at least one NVHR member. Applicants can join NVHR by visiting our website at www.nvhr.org/join