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In Face of Class Action Lawsuit, Delaware Medicaid Removes Unlawful Restrictions to the Cure for the Hepatitis C Virus June 8, 2016
After weeks of negotiation arising from a formal threat of litigation, officials at the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services and its Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance (DMMA) changed their policy on rationing coverage of life-saving drugs to cure hepatitis C. DMMA officials issued a policy revoking these categorical exclusions, effective immediately.

Federal Court Requires WA Medicaid to provide HCV Cure to Patients  May 27, 2016
In late May, a federal district judge ordered the Washington Health Care Authority, the state Medicaid agency, to cover curative treatment for hepatitis C for thousands of Washington Medicaid enrollees.

How sick must hepatitis C patients be to get help?  May 23, 2016
This article highlights hepatitis C treatment access issues from a patient perspective. James Luongo was thrilled when curative hepatitis C treatment came out last year, but was denied coverage by Medicaid twice because he “wasn’t sick enough.”

Letter: Medication access is important  May 20, 2016
Nancy Steinfurth, Executive Director of the Liver Health Connection, cites a new report from the Center for Improving Value in Health Care finds that the vast majority of Coloradans with hepatitis C are not receiving treatment through their insurance plans.  She highlights the importance of hepatitis C screening, treatment, and current insurance restrictions in Colorado.

What price a miracle? Limited access to hepatitis-C drug sparks debate  May 9, 2016
Jose Robles discovered he had hepatitis C when he tried to enlist in the Marines. Though he is asymptomatic, the Marines turned him down because his illness made him a “liability.” Jose cannot receive treatment because he “isn’t sick enough” by Arizona Medicaid standards.

It’s Time to End Insurance Restrictions on Life-Saving Hepatitis C Treatments  May 3, 2016
Ryan Clary, NVHR’s executive director, authored this article in the American Journal of Managed Care’s special hepatitis C edition. In the article, he describes it’s time for private insurers and Medicaid programs to give all Americans suffering from this devastating disease a chance at a cure.

New York Medicaid to cover hepatitis C treatment  April 27, 2016
New York State Medicaid prescription-drug review board voted to have the state's Medicaid program cover all drugs for hepatitis C before patients are in advanced stages of illness.

There are hepatitis C drugs, but patients often can’t get them  April 18, 2016
Tufts Health Plan would not pay for a drug that could cure John Tortelli’s hepatitis C, even though the virus causes him frequent pain. The reason: his liver is only slightly damaged.

Area veterans with hepatitis C are being cured  April 10, 2016
This article focuses on veterans in Richmond, VA, who are finally being treated for hepatitis C due to a budget that Congress approved allowing veterans hospitals across the country to pay for the medications.

A test, a cure: North Country veterans battle hepatitis C  March 30, 2016
Mike Rock, commander of the American Legion Post in Morrisonville, NY, discusses free HCV testing at his post and describes the experience of veterans living with hepatitis C.

VA Expands Hepatitis C Treatment to All Patients with the Virus  March 10, 2016
The VA recently expanded HCV treatment to all veterans living with hepatitis C, regardless of liver damage.

Lawsuits Claim Insurers Unfairly Refuse Pricey Hepatitis C Drugs  February 2, 2016
David Morton, a resident of Seattle, WA, turns to legal action after insurers denied him HCV treatment.


Enhanced Treatment for Hepatitis C Could Cut Prevalence by 80% December 1, 2015
A Yale study finds that enhanced HCV treatment with new medications could cut HCV prevalence by 80% and start the U.S. on a path to eliminating the disease from the population.

New Drug Can Cure Hep C, but Indiana Won't Always Pay Under Medicaid December 13, 2015
This article tells the story of Sarah Jackson, an Indiana resident, and her difficult accessing hepatitis C treatment because she’s “not sick enough.”

Cost and Other Barriers Keep Some Hepatitis Patients from Treatment  November 30, 2015
Mike Carter, of Delaware, describes his renewed quality of life after receiving HCV treatment, while his doctor’s other patients face obstacles to treatment.

Expensive New Hep C Drugs May Be Cost-Effective Even for Early Disease  November 23, 2015
This article explains the health benefits associated with treating people for hepatitis C at the earliest signs of liver damage, before waiting until their disease progresses.

Treating Prisoners with Hepatitis C May Be Worth the Hefty Price  November 23, 2015
An NPR article describes the benefits of treating people who are incarcerated for their hepatitis C, as well as the cost-effectiveness of such a strategy.

Stop Stigmatizing Hepatitis C Patients and Start Covering Their Treatment November 19, 2015
This article from Oregon delves into the stigma surrounding hepatitis C, urging Medicaid to cover the treatment for people living with hepatitis C.

How Insurance Providers Deny Hepatitis C Patients Life-Saving Drugs  October 16, 2015
Amber Rojas describes her struggle accessing HCV medication, while also fighting stigma and discrimination surrounding the disease.

The True Cost of an Expensive Medication  September 25, 2015
Laura Bush, a nurse practitioner in rural New Mexico, tells the story of what it’s like to watch patients get sicker when they can’t afford hepatitis C treatment.

White House Is Pressed to Help Widen Access to Hepatitis C Drugs via Medicaid  August 25, 2015
Healthcare experts inform the White House that federal and state Medicaid officials should widen access to prescription drugs that can cure hepatitis C.

A Time to Cure: The Growing Case for New Hepatitis C Treatments  August 13, 2015
Ryan Clary, NVHR Executive Director, makes the case for curing everyone of hepatitis C immediately.

Costly to Treat, Hepatitis C Gains Quietly in U.S.  July 23, 2015
A New York Times article describes the state of hepatitis C and lack of treatment access in Kentucky.

Hepatitis C: Cost in the Way of a Cure  May 28, 2015
Pittsburgh’s NPR station highlights the difficulties three Pennsylvanians face in accessing treatment for their hepatitis C.

Specialty Drug Costs: Hard Pills to Swallow  May 24, 2015
Employers watch their pharmacy costs skyrocket as specialty drugs to treat diseases like hepatitis C hit the market.