Template and white paper for State Insurance Commissioners re: HCV Tx Access

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Please find an attachment here for a template that can be used by advocates to reach out directly to your State Insurance Commissioner re: Removing Illegal Restrictions to Access to Hepatitis C Treatment. Hopefully we can take advantage of the developments of the past few weeks. 

The letter and white paper have gone through numerous iterations. As such, this is a living document, so please provide any feedback you may have to Michael Ninburg at mhninburg@hepeducation.org In earlier versions, we received much valuable feedback, including from the team at the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification on any points. We have had good success engaging our Insurance Commissioner in Washington State; hopefully you will be able to tailor the documents to meet the needs in your respective states.

You can download a copy of the template here.

This document was shared by Hepatitis Education Project.