General Resources

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Statewide Directory of Viral Hep Resources

The National Viral Hepatitis Resource Directory is a compilation of national agencies, health departments, and community-based organizations that provide viral hepatitis services and resources in order to assist you in locating the closest services in your area. It was last updated as of November 14, 2010.

Online Resources for Non-profits

As an adjunct to the Tip Sheet series, we have developed the following list of web resources to help nonprofit organizations find information on a broad range of topics, such as board development, legal matters, finances and accounting, fund development, and other information to assist with sustaining healthy organizations. Read more...

Vaccination Information:

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) has just released its January 2011 issue of Needle Tips, for all healthcare professionals who give vaccines. Also available is Vaccinate Adults, a version of Needle Tips modified for those who work only with adult patients. Both are now available for online reading and/or printing.

These publications contain ready-to-print educational materials for healthcare professionals and their patients, updated immunization schedules, vaccine news highlights, and IAC’s popular “Ask the Experts” question-and-answer column with answers by CDC experts William Atkinson, MD, MPH, and Andrew Kroger, MD, MPH.

Needle Tips and Vaccinate Adults are available exclusively online. Current and past issues of Needle Tips are available at and Vaccinate Adults at

To receive immediate notification when new issues are published, subscribe at On this page, you can also subscribe to IAC’s free weekly email news service, IAC Express, which keeps you up to date on immunization news between issues of IAC’s periodicals.

CDC revises Hepatitis ABC Table for Health Professionals Read More.
If a black/white copy of the Hepatits ABC table is needed, Click Here.