CDC Request for Viral Hepatitis Education Materials

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Dear Colleagues,

CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis (DVH) is currently working with NPIN (National Prevention Information Network, to collect viral hepatitis education materials for inclusion in its existing searchable materials database. We are asking for your help identifying and submitting hepatitis education materials for professionals and consumers. Attached is a form to submit your hepatitis materials to the NPIN database. The materials must be available, free of charge, to anyone via a link on a website. This can include training manuals, webinars, downloadable fact sheets, PDFs of posters, or similar materials. Please do not send links that require a subscription or are limited to certain individuals (such as registered or paid members of an organization).

We hope that enhancing this database will result in preservation of precious resources and increased sharing of existing materials among all of us working in viral hepatitis prevention and control. If you have already received this request, we apologize for duplicate communication!

Thank you for your support and your continued efforts.

Cynthia Jorgensen, DrPH
Team Lead, Education and Training
Division of Viral Hepatitis, CDC
Tel: 404-718-8534
Fax: 404-716-8596