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Viral Hepatitis is a Winnable Battle



The elimination of viral hepatitis through advocacy, education and coalition-building.


The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) is a coalition of public, private and voluntary organizations dedicated to reducing the incidence of infection, morbidity and mortality from viral hepatitis in the United States. We accomplish this by advocating for at-risk populations, convening visionary leaders and coordinating a unified national response to viral hepatitis based on current research.

Core Values

Advocacy: We recognize the profound need to eliminate the silence, stigma, health disparities, and inequities associated with viral hepatitis

Education: We believe that we can end the viral hepatitis epidemic through the sharing of knowledge, the development of effective leaders, and the expansion of access to prevention, testing, care, and treatment.

Collaboration: We affirm the value and necessity of mobilizing a coordinated response to viral hepatitis driven by those communities most affected by these viruses.

Advocate for a coordinated, effective federal response to viral hepatitis
  • NVHR will lead successful advocacy campaigns and advance policy agendas to strengthen the federal response to viral hepatitis.
Engage NVHR members through meaningful, multi-directional communication with NVHR and each other
  • NVHR has a diverse, informed engaged and active membership.
Strengthen NVHR’s organizational capacity to serve its members and fulfill its mission
  • NVHR will build the infrastructure and capacity to achieve its objectives and ensure its sustainability.
  • Track and monitor progress on the HHS Plan
  • Work to pass the Viral Hepatitis Testing Act and to develop and pass other supportive legislation
  • Develop Congressional Champions
  • Track and analyze administrative policy issues
  • Research best practices for implementing viral hepatitis testing initiatives
  • Increase the size and role of the membership committee
  • Develop membership engagement and recruitment
  • Develop and publish a relevant newsletter
  • Host quarterly all member forums
  • Increase NVHR’s focus on disparities and underserved populations
  • Facilitate communication between hepatitis B and hepatitis C organizations
  • Revise NVHR’s structure and governance to support growth
  • Increase staff to match the work associated with recent growth
  • Develop a comprehensive sustainability plan
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive media strategy
  • Identify and/or develop tools and materials to support members’ advocacy and education actions
  • Develop strategic partnerships with other organizations and coalitions